Ways to Reinvigorate a Dying Swimming Pool

After a long day at work, it is a swimming pool which provides one with respite. What can be more relaxing than taking a dip in the pool with one’s family? Apart from being a great source of relaxation, these pools also serve as excellent venues for pool parties in summer. As enjoyable as these activities are, many times one tends to overlook the fact that these can also start taking a toll on the pool’s health. Thus, the very swimming pool which was once the heart of one’s parties wears a rather shabby look and thereby necessitating the need for swimming pool resurfacing.

The other reason for swimming pool resurfacing includes giving outdated pools a modern look, upgradation of worn out electrical and filtration systems or the addition of contemporary features to accentuate the glam quotient of the swimming pool.

There are a number of ideas which one can employ in order to resurface an existing pool. Some of these are as follows:

  • Shell Resurfacing: This is one of the commonly used methods for pool resurfacing. Most of the concrete pools become old after 20-30 years and need to be resurfaced. This is one of the easiest of methods when it comes to resurfacing as one does not have to remove the old shell and build a new one.

Apart from this, a pool builder who is experienced can quite easily construct a new pool without removing the existing shell and this saves the owner of the pool a lot of money. There are number of options available in terms of color, design or even the tiles used which can completely modify the pool. Additionally, one can even include waterfall or recessed lighting for an awesome night time in the pool.

  • Addition of Spas: If one happens to be the owner of an old pool then the chances of the pool not having a spa are quite good. The best time for adding a spa to the pool is when it is being repaired. In spas too, there are a number of customizations available, these include custom lighting, jet spa, addition of tiles or a low-depth spa which can double up as a swimming pool for children too. The ideal time for adding a spa is while building a pool; those who already have a pool but don’t have a spa installed need not get depressed as they can hire the services of an experienced builder who can add the spa when renovating the pool.
  • Upgradation of Plumbing & Filtration: No matter how much one renovates a pool, it will lack the elegance and beauty if the electrical and filtration systems are outdated. Both these systems play a pivotal role in not only adding a sparkle to one’s pool but keeping it squeaky clean as well. When renovating, one should thus let the builder have a good look in order to provide the best possible option for upgrading these systems.


What has been stated above are just a few methods which one can employ in order to resurface their swimming pools. There are a number of other methods available. One should consult an experienced pool builder before zeroing in on any one of the options.