End Fatigue While Standing or Kneeling With The Proper Surface

Standing or kneeling for long periods of time can cause extreme fatigue on the body. Concrete or asphalt is one of the hardest surfaces on the legs, back, and hips even if someone is wearing a quality pair of shoes. Preparing food in a kitchen can add hours of entertainment with or without company present but can lead to pain in the back, feet and legs. Choosing a quality anti-fatigue mat to use in a kitchen or an office area will lead to less fatigue and stress on someone’s body. A quality mat is a commercial grade thickness and provides stability for foot and knee comfort.

Unlike a mat or rug that can roll or trip someone, an anti-fatigue map has a beveled edge that’s designed to prevent injuries from tripping. Many mats release toxic gasses that can make the user or others in the room feel ill. A quality mat will not smell awful because it’s eco-friendly. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles to accommodate the area it’s to be used in. When someone purchases a quality mat, they never have to worry about it compressing or breaking down because it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. The mat will never be rolled during shipping so there’s no chance for wrinkles to develop.

An anti-fatigue mat should be mold and mildew resistant as well as anti-bacterial. The back of the mat should be slip resistant. A comfortable mat in the kitchen will decrease the pressure off of the feet, knees and lower back by up to 32%. Coffee shops, restaurants, and bars can keep their employees feeling rested throughout their shift while they work on this type of mat. It’s important to stand throughout the day if someone commonly works at a desk. Desks often have a plastic to protect the flooring or carpeting under a chair and an individual should consider a mat for a desk in order to stand throughout the day while remaining comfortable. Individuals can improve their circulation and reduce stress on their body by using a quality mat in areas of a home or business for their standing projects.