cheap car shipping

There are many reasons why people do not want to drive their vehicle to another location. Some people are uncomfortable with cross-country driving. Sometimes it is a scheduling conflict and will take too long. Others may worry that their vehicle might be damaged along the way. In some instances, particularly with classic cars, the vehicle is in need of work and cannot be driven. Auto hauling companies make it possible to move any vehicle for any reason. They specialize in a variety of heavy duty transport services.

Door-to-door shipments are a popular option. If for some reason this is not possible the hauler will select a public location that is convenient for the client. Terminal-only services are often thought to be cheaper, but this is not always the case. In addition, the inconvenience of towing non-running vehicles or driving to reach these locations is usually undesirable to most clients. This is why the best companies choose to offer door-to-door services.

Shipping services are available as open transport or closed transport. For the typical car, truck or SUV that is driven daily there is open transport. Car carriers load, ship and deliver the vehicles to their customers along with a number of other vehicles. The process may take a day or two longer if there are a lot of stops along the way to deliver other vehicles. The open carrier also means the vehicle is exposed to the elements, but this is usually an acceptable option for anyone looking for cheap car shipping.

Closed transport moves only one auto at a time and the vehicle is protected against the weather or road debris throughout the trip. People with luxury vehicles or restored classic cars often choose this method because of the protection it offers. In addition to the added safety, this type of service also includes more personal attention because the driver is handling only one vehicle.

Companies that offer vehicle shipping usually do more than move cars and trucks. They also provide hauling services for heavy equipment, motorcycles and unique vehicles like buses and limousines. All customers are given timetables that detail how the process works and when to expect delivery. They are also updated of the progress throughout the trip regardless of the type of transport that is chosen.