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How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms were previously the most ignored area of a house in terms of interior decoration. People often didn’t bother and think much while choosing the tiles or wall paint colors for bathrooms. But, nowadays bathrooms are becoming bigger and luxurious. Making them look the best and giving them a classic effect, that will help you relax is primarily considered while designing them. People now don’t mind spending money in refinishing the bathroom, remodeling it and especially experimenting with paint colors. Paint colors for bathing space are no longer simple and single toned. Choosing the suitable and most popular paint colors and opting for one of the latest painting ideas, is what you need to do, for having a perfect bathroom. After all, paints are definitely important for sprucing up the overall look of your bathroom.

Best Colors for Bathrooms

Lighter Shades
If your bathroom is smaller in size, then it is best to choose soft and fresh colors. The rule here is to strictly avoid dark shades. Basically, bathrooms have low illumination to have the necessary feel, hence, darker tones would make it look even smaller.

Indirect Colorful Effect
If you would still like to have a dark tone, use it for the wall behind the shower fixtures or for the one on which the light directly falls. Warm paint colors like cream, pale blue or soft green are sure to create a lovely effect. Pink, orange or gray can also be used to have a cool looking bathing space.

For Big Bathrooms
A lot of colors can be experimented in case of large bathrooms. If you want to make it really jazzy, choose some dark tones, but make sure that you rightly balance them with white. You can add the ‘bold’ element to large bathrooms with dark shades like black, violet or maroon.
One of the important thing that you must do while deciding on the bathroom wall paint colors is considering the mood that you want to create! Think whether you want your bathroom to look calm and soft or bold and bright and choose the colors accordingly.

Unique Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Perfect Color Scheme
While choosing a color is really important, a perfect color scheme is also essential to finish the task. Think of various color schemes. Single color scheme for bathroom is a passe. Think weird and opt for an out-of-the-box idea that will definitely work right in jazzing up this space.
Remember that you can have a classy bathroom with an ultimate color scheme. Think of a monochromatic color scheme, which is one of the best paint color ideas. Here you can use different shades of a single color and have an elegant looking bathroom. This will keep it simple, yet stylish!
Complementary Fittings
Make sure that you also consider the laminate colors of cabinets and other bathroom decor in your bathroom while painting. An overall effect will definitely make your bathroom look the best. When you opt for dark tones, balance them with soft contrast tones or simply with a white or off white paint color. For balancing purpose, again you can consider the cabinets, bathroom flooring and ceiling, instead of painting a wall in soft color.
If you are using tiles as well, for the bathroom walls then make sure that they match well with the wall colors. The tile colors and bathroom wall paint colors must complement each other and the bathroom vanities as well.
Choosing the right paint colors for bathrooms, is the key to an elegant looking bathroom. You can further add spice to the nicely colored walls with some wall art ideas. Browse through the interior decoration magazines and websites to get more information about the latest trends in bathroom decor. With the right shades and good combos, get set to turn your bathroom into the best looking area of your home.

Ways to Create The Perfect Ambiance

download-29Home decor has a vital role in adding an attractive element to the home. Everyone desires to make their simple home looks stylish and beautiful. Since decoration and lighting puts a first impression about your home’s appearance, therefore it is very important to choose the right style of furniture and lighting accessories for your home. When it comes to decorating the home, lighting plays an eminent role in creating a right ambiance and positive mood. The home looks incomplete without the presence of proper lighting. For a sufficient illumination, you need to choose the perfect combination of general and task lighting in the room.

Table lamps come under the category of task lighting that is significant in playing a functional as well decorative role. There are numerous ways to make your home attractive and elegant with different lighting fixtures or lamps. Plenty of online stores offer a large collection of modern table lamps and other homeware accessories at highly competitive prices. Here are discussed some tips that you must consider while making a selection of the lighting accessories.

•    Identify your lighting goals: Determine the existing style of the room. Selecting the lighting option similar to the style of the room can help in creating a unique statement. Once you determine your lighting goals, start choosing lighting options according to the mood you wish to set.

•    Use multiple lighting sources: Mix of table lamps and floor lamps will help you in achieving a variety of purposes and functions. Every lighting piece is amazing in its own way to add creativity to the room.

•    Size and colour: The size and colour of the lamp influence the atmosphere of the room. For small tables, it is better to choose the short lamps.

•    Mix shades and styles: Mixing different shades and styles of lamps work together in bringing an outstanding lighting scheme in the room.

It is now no more difficult to find modern table lamps as there is a large list of online stores which bring a vast collection of stunning lighting pieces. If you are also looking for purchasing the finest lamps online, browse the web and connect with the reputed store to pick your desired choice. At such online stores, you have different choices to choose from  at very minimal prices in the market.

So what are you waiting for purchase the best rated modern table lamps online now and make your home brightiest than before!

Ways to Build Children’s Furniture

Kids love brightly colored furniture in different shapes and sizes. Furniture like cribs, beds, chairs and tables, playrooms, etc. with a theme and designs can be some of their favorites. Even though, most of their demands are available in the market, you could try building something on your own to make that piece of furniture more special for your baby. Children’s furniture is one of the easiest to build, even if you haven’t practiced carpentry earlier. You could surely use some professional help in order to make some efficient kids’ furniture, but make sure you add a few of your own ideas as well! In the coming up paragraphs, you will read about a few easy tips on how to build children’s furniture, depending on the various styles, colors and designs that can be considered contemporary. Take a look.

Tips for Building Children’s Furniture

Children’s furniture looks best when it is combined with the colors and themes of the bedroom or playroom. Depending on the gender of your baby, you could decide a theme and pick a color for the room, so you can use the same while styling the furniture. Then, you can choose the children’s bedroom furniture you would like to build, design it specifically with a few ideas and later paint in the desired patterns. As mentioned above, kids love bright and playful furniture, so make sure you use ideas that include both these interesting factors in your built furniture. If you are used to carpentering, this will not be a very difficult job for you.

Choose the Lumber
Before you start building any type of furniture, it is very important to choose the right lumber or type of wood for the same. This is because, you need to make strong and durable furniture that will last for at least 3 to 4 years. The lumber should also be flexible in order to give it a specific shape and design. It should be resistant to weather changes, pests and fungus that could deteriorate its quality with the years. The best type of wood that is most popularly used is mahogany that is finely grained, rich brown color and is highly resistant to shrinking, swelling and warping. Other types of wood that can be used for building children’s furniture can be: maple, oak, walnut, teak, rosewood, pine, cedar, fir, etc.

Pick the Type of Furniture
The next thing you need to keep in mind to know how to make children’s furniture is to decide what furniture you would like to build for your child’s room. Rocking chairs and tables such as an art station, a workbench, a Gelato table, etc. can be easy to make for both a bedroom and playroom. Other than these, toys or sports caddy, vanities for little girls, kitchen sets, doll houses, tea set tables, etc. are also a few choices you could pick from to build great furniture for your children.

Cut and Assemble the Lumber
Take the dimensions and cut the lumber in the desired manner. Sand the pieces of cut wood to make the surface smooth before you assemble them. When you are through with all the pieces, begin assembling them with wood screws and fill the screw holes with wood buttons. After you have assembled the furniture, sand the entire piece, especially the sharp corners and edges. You could make these edges round to protect your child from hurting itself.

Painting with Pleasant Colors
After making the furniture, it is important to use a few ideas for painting it. Use non-toxic stain first, and then paint it with any desired paint colors. As mentioned above, you could try to coordinate the built furniture with the colors of the room. Therefore, if you have made a table and chair set, try to use color combinations that complement the room. However, avoid using similar shades for the furniture, walls and the accessories as that would make the room monotonous. If you want to use gender colors like blue and pink for the walls and the bedding, paint the furniture in neutral colors like gray, white, wood and chocolate brown.

With these tips, you can make some strong, durable and attractive furniture for your baby. So, build something your kids will never forget!

Ways to Build Drawer Dividers

Everyone wants to keep their home organized (of course there are a few exceptions here!), and the drawer may seem one of the best ways to make sure that your house does not look messy. Your home may be filled with drawers (kitchen drawers, dresser drawers, closet drawers, etc.), and they are pretty successful in keeping your home tidy, but a drawer may not be the ultimate solution for a perfectionist, who wants every little thing to be perfectly organized, and in general, if your drawer is filled with small heterogeneous things, you will have a tough time, when you are searching for something specific, this is where a drawer divider comes into picture.

Drawer dividers help you segregate little things in a drawer, so that you do not waste time in searching them. You can easily get drawer dividers in the market, but most of the time, these dividers are not according to the size of your drawers. If you want to avoid the blunder of buying drawer dividers that do not fit your drawers, you can make them at home.

How to Make Drawer Dividers

Always remember, the work of a divider is to simplify the storage, not to complicate it further. So, all the ideas that you implement to make the dividers, should have the ultimate goal of simplification. You can make drawer dividers using cardboard, plywood, cereal boxes, etc.

Things Required

  • Cardboard
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Measure and Cut

The first thing that you should do is measure the inner dimensions of your drawer. So, use the tape measure, and be precise in measuring. Now, measure the height of the face of the drawer. Note down the measurements. The design that we are going to follow can be seen in the image above.

The “x” Dividers
Take the sheet of cardboard (the cardboard should be tough), and cut it such that, you have 2 pieces, each with a length corresponding to the inner length of the drawer, and each of these pieces should have a height, 2 inches less than the height of the face of the drawer. These pieces form the “x” dividers.

The “y” Dividers
Take another sheet of cardboard and cut it into 3 pieces in such a way that, every piece has a height 2 inches less than the face of the drawer, and each piece has a length that is 75 percent of the breadth of the drawer. Now, you have your “y” dividers.

Making the Cubicles

Take the “x” divider, and make 3 slits on it at regular intervals. The slits should reach the center of the divider. Repeat the same for the other “x” dividers. Now take the “y” dividers, and make 2 slits, similar to the one which you made on the “x” divider, on each one of them, such that each “y” divider has a central slit, and a slit just one centimeter away from the shorter edge. Now, place the “y” dividers on the “x” dividers in such a way that the slits form the point of intersection. You can use the diagram for your reference. Once you are done, you have your cubicles ready.

Now, you are just left with the task of placing the cubicles in the drawer. Position the cubicles in such a way that all the “y” dividers are in contact with one of the inner sides of the drawer. So, finally you will have a drawer whose structure resembles the one shown in the diagram (the bold line indicates the face of the drawer).

You can make similar dividers for all your drawers. If you have other creative drawer divider design ideas, then you should surely experiment with them. It does not take much time, within a few hours you will be done making dividers for all your drawers!