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Ways to Repair Shower Faucet

Learning to repair shower faucets is a job which requires patience and basic plumbing tools. But by performing faucet repair yourself, you will be able to save the charges you will incur by calling a plumber. Many times faucets start making noise or start leaking. If the inside parts of the faucet are completely corroded or worn out then you might need to replace them with new parts, which you can find in a hardware store. However, if they are just dirty, then you can clean them up and put them back in place for noisy or leaky shower faucet repair.

Structure of a Shower Faucet

Before jumping to the repairing tutorial, let us understand what all basic parts a shower faucet is composed of. There are around 6 parts which you will need to take out for faucet repair. The top part called the cap is a disc and then there is a small handle screw. These two parts are inside the handle of the faucet. Under this is the stem which has threads attached to it. The stem is a long cylindrical shaped body, which attaches to the upper faucet and bottom faucet parts together. Then there is a small hollow disc attached to the stem, which is just like a nut, except it is smooth and circular in shape. Then finally at the bottom end is the washer screw. Now that you understand the basic structure of the shower faucet, it is time to take out these parts.

Stepwise Instructions

There are basically two types of faucets which are used – the compression or cartridge faucet and the washerless faucets. Follow the steps given below for repairing shower faucets.

Step #1: The first step is to turn off the water. Use a nail filer (even the back of the spoon can be used) and pop off the cap on the handle of the faucet and place it in on a tray.

Step #2: Then take out the screw and pull out the handle; some handles might just pop out after using the nail filer, while some might need to be unscrewed and taken out. Place the screw and handle next to the cap. Make sure you arrange everything in the same order that you are taking them out so that you are able to replace them properly again.

Step #3: Now take out the stem and check if the threads (circular angled discs on the stem) are corroded or worn out. If they are really bad and beyond repair then take it to the hardware store to find a matching part; or clean-up the stem with an old brush, if it’s just dirty.

Step #4: Remove the washer and screw which is attached under the stem and check their condition. Clean them if they are dirty, and replace or get new identical parts from the hardware store if they are spoiled. If you have a cartridge type of faucet, then you might have to consider replacing the cartridge with a new one or clean the cartridge, in case it is just dirty.

Step #5: Before replacing the parts in their original position, take a soft rag and remove the dirt inside the valve. You can also insert a toothbrush to clean the valve.

Step #6: Now, replace the cleaned or new parts back again and set the handle, screw, and cap back in the order. Check for any leaks or noise and then turn on the water.

These were the instructions on repairing shower faucets, which you can do yourself at home. If the faucet is still not working properly, then consider hiring a plumber.

How to Control Your Water Bills

There is virtually no aspect of life where water is not a crucial feature – quenching thirst, taking a bath, flushing the toilet, washing clothes and linen, doing the dishes, watering the garden.

The water supply and drainage lines in our homes carry a tremendous responsibility but too often we take them for granted.  The drip from the faucet, the leak in the drainage line, droplets from the water supply line are warning signals, and should all be promptly referred for diagnoses to a plumber, and the remedy administered before the problem escalates.


Plumbing is regarded as expenditure rather than an investment, and, therefore, the average Joe prefers to postpone the service until he is left with no alternative.

Analytically speaking, a dripping faucet could result in wastage of 3000 gallons of water in a year. Apart from wastage of a precious natural resource, this also burns a hole in your pocket as you pay for water that literally flows down the drain.

By hiring plumber services to deal with that dripping faucet, you could save about 10% of your water bill.

Comprehensive Services:

There could be innumerable plumbing problems in your home, which would need expert intervention.

Most plumbing troubles are not amenable to a do-it-yourself approach unless you want to end up knee-deep in water and then sound a red alert.

Dripping faucets, leaking water supply, drainage, and sewer lines, clogged drain lines, showers and bathtubs, backed up septic and sewer systems, leaking washing machine hoses, etc.; need a skilled, professional touch.

A plumbing repair service retains the services of qualified and experienced plumbers who attend to any and every plumbing related issue.


Customer Service:

The technicalities of water supply, drainage and sewer lines are not easily comprehended by most homeowners.

 But, a professional from a top-notch company will diagnose the problem, explain the issue in terms comprehensible to a layman and offer you the best solution.

 The plumber will disclose to you the work that he is going to perform, the approximate time for the service, the material that will be used, the estimated cost for the material, etc. The pricing will be made clear up-front. Based on his inputs, you will be in a position to make an informed decision.

 A plumber from a professional service provider, is trained to be polite and courteous. No matter how frustrating the task may prove to be, his services will be rendered silently and patiently.

Your home will invariably be cleaned up, at the end of the service. You can be rest assured about household security because every plumber on the payroll of the service provider goes through multiple background checks before recruitment.

On the Spot Solution:

The wish of every home-owner is for the plumbing problems do be dealt with on the spot and that is what you should expect from an A-Grade service provider.

The personnel arrives at the site armed with almost every part that could feasibly be required for providing a one-stop solution (though, this is based on the description of the plumbing problem that you would have provided in advance).

90% of the time, plumbers are able to resolve the issue at their first visit.  Needless to say, this saves a whole lot of time and expense. Plumbing problems are regarded as stressful, expensive, frightening, unmanageable and almost demonic. But, you will discover peace of mind with the right plumbing repair service on your side.

Ways to Reinvigorate a Dying Swimming Pool

After a long day at work, it is a swimming pool which provides one with respite. What can be more relaxing than taking a dip in the pool with one’s family? Apart from being a great source of relaxation, these pools also serve as excellent venues for pool parties in summer. As enjoyable as these activities are, many times one tends to overlook the fact that these can also start taking a toll on the pool’s health. Thus, the very swimming pool which was once the heart of one’s parties wears a rather shabby look and thereby necessitating the need for swimming pool resurfacing.

The other reason for swimming pool resurfacing includes giving outdated pools a modern look, upgradation of worn out electrical and filtration systems or the addition of contemporary features to accentuate the glam quotient of the swimming pool.

There are a number of ideas which one can employ in order to resurface an existing pool. Some of these are as follows:

  • Shell Resurfacing: This is one of the commonly used methods for pool resurfacing. Most of the concrete pools become old after 20-30 years and need to be resurfaced. This is one of the easiest of methods when it comes to resurfacing as one does not have to remove the old shell and build a new one.

Apart from this, a pool builder who is experienced can quite easily construct a new pool without removing the existing shell and this saves the owner of the pool a lot of money. There are number of options available in terms of color, design or even the tiles used which can completely modify the pool. Additionally, one can even include waterfall or recessed lighting for an awesome night time in the pool.

  • Addition of Spas: If one happens to be the owner of an old pool then the chances of the pool not having a spa are quite good. The best time for adding a spa to the pool is when it is being repaired. In spas too, there are a number of customizations available, these include custom lighting, jet spa, addition of tiles or a low-depth spa which can double up as a swimming pool for children too. The ideal time for adding a spa is while building a pool; those who already have a pool but don’t have a spa installed need not get depressed as they can hire the services of an experienced builder who can add the spa when renovating the pool.
  • Upgradation of Plumbing & Filtration: No matter how much one renovates a pool, it will lack the elegance and beauty if the electrical and filtration systems are outdated. Both these systems play a pivotal role in not only adding a sparkle to one’s pool but keeping it squeaky clean as well. When renovating, one should thus let the builder have a good look in order to provide the best possible option for upgrading these systems.


What has been stated above are just a few methods which one can employ in order to resurface their swimming pools. There are a number of other methods available. One should consult an experienced pool builder before zeroing in on any one of the options.

Ways to Hire The Professional Contractor for Any Home Addition Work

The most vital part of choosing a contractual worker is to guarantee the individual is talented and represented considerable authority in territories which are most imperative to the vision of your home expansion. Contractual workers can change with claims to fame from pipes, plan, vitality effectiveness, material, etc. However, remembering your vision, you ought to pick a temporary worker who will have the capacity to play out the work expected to make the expansion.

Another great approach to check a Home Improvement Los Angeles contractual worker’s capabilities is to experience the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau permits clients to record protests against people or organizations, which have not done agreeable work. Checking with the Better Business Bureau for protestations against a temporary worker can guarantee that the contractual worker and their work might be more legitimate.

Second, it is important to choose a Home Additions Los Angeles temporary worker who can promise the nature of their work. If the temporary worker has an arrangement of past undertakings, this can be a useful approach to see both what the contractual worker is able to do and how their final results work out. What’s more, a portfolio is an awesome approach to assemble references from past clients who might have the capacity to give significant knowledge into the contractual worker’s work and what it resembled to work with the home expansion temporary worker all through the undertaking. Likewise get confirmation the venture will be done in an auspicious way, numerous contractual workers out will take more than they can deal with or have other inside issues that could drag your task out for a considerable length of time and a few cases years.

Before meeting with Los Angeles Room Additions temporary workers, ensure you have an arrangement or unpleasant representation set up of what you are expecting for your home expansion. This will give the temporary workers a superior thought of what you would like to pick up, and also if they are fit for finishing the work in an agreeable way. A duplicate of your property review dependably helps also. Never forget that you generally get what you pay for, and the least gauge won’t generally give the most quality work and alternate ways is presumably the motivation behind why. Since your home expansion will be a changeless piece of your home once finished, you ought to search for a temporary worker who will give quality by level of learning, knowledge and reputation.